Are baby carrots dipped in chlorine?

Are baby carrots dipped in chlorine?It may be a bit normal to ask this question because when we were small, these mini-carrots, which are found today well packed, wet and impeccable, did not exist. But how are they grown and they are sprinkled with chlorine as some rumors have suggested?

A vegetable heartless!

First, be aware that these cores are not born mini. They are grown tight against each other in and out of earth so much thinner than the variety of carrots found in the bulk market. Carrots are more than 3 / 4 inches in diameter are discarded. The others are transported in refrigerated trucks to ensure good shelf life and then sent to the processing plant.

On site, they are washed, selected, cut into 5 cm, peeled very flush and polished (with a kind of very soft sandpaper) and then bagged for consumption quickly and conveniently.

Chlorine on carrots

No, this is not a myth. After being cut, made mini carrots are dipped in chlorinated water, which will ensure its preservation. But Health Canada ensures that the amount of chlorine used is not a health risk to consumers. Chlorine disinfects the water and helps reduce the risk of food contamination during processing. Moreover, chlorinated water is often used to clean many other fruits and vegetables, poultry and fish.
As the baby carrots are then peeled and polished, it is unlikely that consumers found the taste of chlorine in his plate …


It is true that when you buy a carrot called “ordinary”, it does not produce a white film on top of us to believe that it is cooler. It softens and eventually wilt and brown slowly. What happens there in the case of baby carrots? They first become sticky and dry. This phenomenon is attributed to a lactic acid bacteria (biochemical process) which converts sugar into vinegar carrot.

The mystery is solved. You can stop the future eyebrows, full of doubts and remorse when you bite into a mini-carrot. That said, if you’re Pronature, nothing prevents you to choose the carrot freshly emerged and are driving on your table with a minimum of handling.

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