Baby potty training

Baby potty trainingSome toddlers become clean in a few days, others need more time. Rest assured, there is nothing more normal. Little help to make this step a breeze.

Find the right time for familiarizing baby with her potty
Above all, no rush, you only get the opposite of the desired effect. Specialists believe that a child is mature enough to become clean only 18 months because it is then able to control his sphincters. To have a benchmark, you say that if your butt ‘cabbage known up and down stairs, is that the psycho-motor, it is also ready to clean.

Act out the scene with her favorite doll or stuffed his
Sitting on a plastic pot a bit cold. Accept to see his excrement thrown while in the throes anal and considers them part of himself. This is nothing! To dramatize the situation, start by making it live to his security blanket. He will take pleasure in identifying with this object he often thought of as his double. Then when he feels ready to try in turn, expect him to make a saddle in his coat and put together this saddle in the pot before emptying into the toilet. Your child will understand better what you expect. When it is calm and cooperative, do sit on her potty and sit on the toilet next to him.

Explain what is the pot and offer to try to relieve himself. If nothing comes within 5 minutes, but do not insist repeat this process several times a day. Every time he will do in her potty, praise him and throw all the contents into the toilet. If it amuses him, let him pull the flush, it will be his little reward.

Respect modesty Baby
Ideally, the pot should be placed in the toilet and not in the middle of the show. Although young children need privacy. But if the configuration of the home does not allow it, the toilets are upstairs, for example, put the pot in another private place.

Choose the right style of pot
To involve your child, you can associate it with the choice of pot. But remember that the simplest models are often the most effective. Better to forget the pots built into the bottom of a walker or highchair or pots/toys. They create confusion in his mind. Choose a comfortable style with a record survey and a flared base for greater stability. To avoid overflows in small boys, make sure the pot has a barrier jet. Some prefer to emulate the great and go on the toilet. In this case, take a simple gear set up.

Give it new privileges
Exit the layers is to renounce its status as a baby and comfort. It is therefore important to give him other benefits in exchange. Let him climb the slide which was previously prohibited. It will grow and is synonymous with new obligations, but also new pleasures.

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