Baby sleep patterns

Baby sleep patternsSince its birth, the baby sleeps a lot. He wakes up to nurse or be fed by bottle mainly. The sleep stages are short (3 to 4 hours). Gradually, as the baby grows, the phases of sleep longer, become less numerous in favor of longer periods of wakefulness.

Below is Sleep time by age and Age in months Hours of Sleep:
0-3 16 to 20 hours
3-9 night 12pm to 5am and 3 days 9 to 12 11 to 12 at night and 3am the day Baby’s internal clock is not set at 24 hours. It regulates sleep by short phases: alarm every two hours, sleep difficult.

There is no rule: each child is unique! From birth to age six weeks, many babies confuse day and night.

It is rare for a baby to his parents the night right out of motherhood.

About six weeks when the child reaches a weight of 5 kg, he distinguishes the day and night. To help establish his baby sleep patterns, highlight the day/night contrast.

Make him sleep in the dark at night and in a bright room the day.

Each child has his own sleep patterns. Small or big sleeper, parents should be alert to early signs of fatigue so that the baby gets enough rest and sleep time is respected at best.

Try to establish a bedtime ritual that can reassure the child. A relaxed and soothed is essential: a lullaby, a pilot can establish a trust for the child.

It is true that it is very tiring to hear a baby cry, especially at night. There are few things to do, besides being present to comfort and calm.

For the child, crying is a way to communicate and know what he wants. As to size, you will refine your understanding of tears (through which the child is expressed) and to better meet the demands of your baby.

After all, it is normal that a child crying and that is even evidence that he is healthy.

Babies who cry a lot are children awake and tonics, which are developing very well, enough to make his parents happy but exhausted!

Rest assured: tears come to an end. They actually begin around the second week and are growing at about eight weeks.

They only diminish towards the end of 3rd month. Only where the nuances in her tears appear and therefore, he will begin to be better understood.

Feel free to take naps. Rediscover the pleasure of relaxing and rejuvenate. Refer servicing the house and preparing meals for family or friends do you dedicate to your baby and rest.

Do only the essentials. Baby prefers to have a mom relaxed, more attentive to their needs.

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