The benefits of breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeedingProfessional constraints of mothers today are not very compatible with a long-term breastfeeding. However, even if only for two or three months, breastfeeding provides unforgettable moments and especially milk perfectly suited to the physiology of the infant.

The benefits of breastfeeding

It is above all practical, as there is no bottle, the milk is always at the right temperature and always available. Second, the composition of breast milk is ideal. At first, it is rich in water to quench the baby. Then, as and when the feeding, the milk becomes increasingly rich in protein and fat, so satisfying. In addition, in cases of prematurity, the composition of milk is richer than for a baby to term. The mother-infant contact is a physical contact that extends the pregnancy and may reduce the phenomenon of “baby blues”.

The disadvantages of breastfeeding

It is sometimes difficult at first. It must be good because it takes about three weeks for breastfeeding is well oiled. In addition, as the baby does not sleep through the night, it’s the mom to get up. Dads are therefore strong supporters of breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding: How it works?

First, it must feel like. The more we are calm and relaxed, and the better the milk. The setting must be in very early in the half hour following birth. This is when the baby’s sucking reflex is maximum. If you let the baby get by, he would find only the path of the womb (like a kitten). If the setting is in the later is a bit more difficult but still possible.

Do not listen to the advice of your entourage. The baby should nurse as often as he wants, because of the more head, the more it stimulates the secretion of the hormone prolactin, therefore milk. We must put the baby in a position perfectly adequate, that is to say belly against belly to avoid crevices.

Do not give a supplement bottle. If necessary, do feed the baby every half hour. If you really must be given supplements, they should give the spoon, not with a nipple as the baby is wrong on how to suck and then he does not know how to suck.

How the baby latches on in the mouth is critical particularly to avoid cracks and stimulate lactation. It must take all the areola with his lips curled on each side and mouth wide open. When it is painful weaning should be replaced gradually by their polls, maintaining that in the morning and evening as long as possible whether to return to work.

In fact, milk production adjusts to the reduced demand dries up and the secretion of itself.

As for the local skin condition, do not apply detergents or alcohol. You have to clean the breasts normally once a day with soap and water. You can also make a phone mist of mineral water just before breastfeeding. After the end of the feed, apply a drop of milk to the nipple has healing properties. In case of cracks, we can put a cream containing lanolin.


Do not take self-medication when breastfeeding because the drugs are excreted in breast milk and may harm the baby (same goes for alcohol and cigarettes). So, always seek the advice of his doctor.

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