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Buy Baby ShoeThere are several baby shoes out in the stores, from tiny bows and colorful laces to cartoon decorated ones, shoes for babies are fun and exciting to pick. It is important to put shoes on your baby’s feet when they start crawling. This protects the baby’s toes and since the next step is walking; the baby will have already grown comfortable with their first shoe and will have something protecting their soft and delicate feet. There are a lot of toddler shoes to choose from, the infant aisles of the department stores are full of shoes that are soft, comfortable and cute. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping.

Good Grip

The first thing to remember is that just because a shoe is really pricey and branded does not make it right for your baby. Babies mostly walk about inside the house and are still learning to walk, so when picking shoes make sure the bottom is rubber and does not slip on tiles or wooden floors and has a good grip. The inner shoe should preferably made up of cotton with a polyester mix so that your baby’s feet get maximum comfort and do not get irritated around the ankles.


Another important factor to look for is the flexibility of the shoe. Toddler and baby shoes must be flexible so that babies can easily move their toes and move about their feet to gain balance which is really essential as they are still learning to walk and taking their very first steps. For babies get soft and flexible shoes and for toddlers get shoes that are comfortable and supportive, with a slightly harder sole.


To find the perfect pair, try on a few shoes that are actually your baby’s size. Make sure they fit because shoes that fit well will grip the baby’s feet and prevent him or her from tripping over them or falling. Some mom’s try to get shoes that a little bit bigger because they want to get more wear out of them, this is a really bad idea as that makes the baby uncomfortable and not only will it hinder their walk but will also make them dislike shoes.

When deciding on kids shoes you must choose between shoes with laces and stick on Velcro shoes. Velcro shoes are easier for parents to put on their child but expect your baby to figure this out pretty fast too! Pretty soon the stick-on shoes will be coming off several times and you will have to go through the trouble of putting them back on your baby every time. While baby shoes with laces help avoid this, they are harder to put on and do tend to get messier. Lastly, just remember to find what you think will make your baby comfortable. Look around before deciding and make sure you take your baby along for his or her very first shoe.

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